Commercial Window Cleaning Service’s

Here at Simply Sparkle we not only aim to clean your windows to highest of possible standards, we also ensure its done in safest way possible. which is why we have invested in the reach and wash thermopure system, Because Hot water cleans with higher efficiency which enables us to clean your windows and frames to a much higher standard than that of cold water systems, even winter months our hot water keeps on going and doesn’t freeze up as easy as cold water systems giving us less down time, and ensuring we turn on time.  we Can currently clean windows upto 45ft, safely from the ground, with out the need for any expensive access equipment.  We are fully insured with public and employers liability insurance, every jobs has Risk assessment and method statement done to ensure all safety precautions are taken,  we are also ISO 9001 certified to ensure we have structured systems in place.   


Signage is a company’s biggest point of sale. Your signage is the very first thing your customer looks for when coming to your office factory or shop. 

Gutter Clearing

We clean gutters from the safety of the ground up to 40 feet high, ruling out the need for expense machine hire. Using our Skyvac makes gutter cleaning safe and cost effective.  Prices Start from £50 for the first side then £30 extra per side there after. Price’s vary depending on access and height. 


These days, commercial buildings are being built with high quantities of cladding. Over time dirt will start to make your cladding (and your building) look run down. So why not give it a sparkle clean and keep on top of it? Remember, its the exterior of building the customer see first.


We ensure that safe systems are followed and that appropriate training and safety equipment is provided. We also carry out a risk assessment on your property before any work is carried out. 

Why Choose Us?

Unlike a lot of window cleaners we ensure that all window frames and sills are cleaned at no extra cost to you. We offer early morning cleaning, with this you would get all the external windows cleaned before offices hours, which reduces any interruption during your working hours. Thermopure Cleaning utilises hot water instead of cold water which increases the cleaning power,which enables us to cleaned windows faster and better, your windows will be noticeable cleaner every time guaranteed.

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We work the hours that suit you!