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Refund and Guarantee Policy

Generally, where there is a minor problem with the service provide, it must be Reported within 24hrs of the work taking place. Either by Phone 01332 725338 or Email

Simply Sparkle would need to inspect the affected area/s to first understand what/how the problem has occurred. If it is deemed that Simply Sparkle is at fault. simply sparkle will offer:

1. Re-clean of the effect area/s
If after the re-clean the problem is not resolved the customer would be offered a:
2. Free full clean as opposed to a refund.
However, if there are still major problems with the services that have been provided to you, you may cancel the contract with Simply Sparkle window.


All information used on our Website not to copy or reused in any, all information, photo, etc are for the use of Simply Sparkle window cleaning Only.

More Information

Should we be unable to access any part of your property due to locked gates we will only clean the accessible areas such as the fronts and side and charge accordingly. Please ensure we have your correct phone number for our SMS text service.

If you wish, you may leave Simply Sparkle with gate key/s to be able to access any locked area in which access to windows. Any gate key/s left with Simply Sparkle are kept secure in a locked key safe.

We offer a Text reminder service, which you will receive a SMS text reminder the day before your window cleaning is due to remind you that your window cleaning is due to text place. Please note this service is not a guarantee that your windows will get cleaned on that day.

you are required to pay within 21 days of the clean taking place. to ensure this happens we have many ways in which payment can be made. Please avoid sending cash in the mail, as there is no guarantee it will arrive safely. Cheque/s should be made out to Simply Sparkle Window Cleaning.

As our services are payed for any the job has been completed, this means you are being credit, to which simply sparkle may run a credit on you, you would be notified beforehand any credit check. Please be aware that failure to pay may result late or bad debt mark on credit file.

If you have prepaid for your services, and no longer require/need the services of simply sparkle window cleaning any/all money held in credit on account will be refunded as soon as possible, upon notice of cancellation.

Our pure water system works in all weathers; therefore, weather conditions are not an acceptable reason for postponing our services. We will clean your property in most weather conditions including mid to light rain and low temperature. High winds deep snow and heavy rain will do effect our services & schedule.

Simply Sparkle does not accept liability for damage caused by decorative or structural defects at your property, such as, but not limited to, ill-fitting windows, doors, fascia’s, guttering, window/conservatory trims, unsecured windows and doors, leaking seals, loose stuck on lead, decorative bars stuck on glass rotting framed flaking paint, open/broken trickle vans etc. Simply Sparkle accepts no liability for decorative bars coming loose of falling from the exterior of the glass. If these bars are correctly installed our brushes will not damage them in any way. Scratched window sills; the brushes we use made from soft plastic with nylon bristles these will not scratch your PVC window frames/sills. We are not responsible for returning PVC frames and sills to as new condition.

The brushes are specially and specifically designed for window cleaning and are made of a soft plastic head and soft nylon bristles. There is nothing on the brush that will scratch your glass, if you feel as tho we have scratched the glass, we will bring over a brush and ask if can scratch the glass again, if you succeed, we will pay to replace the glass.

All Customers information is confidential any will never be passed on to any other parties.

If you no longer require the services of simply sparkle window cleaning please call the office on 01332 725388 or email info@simplysparklewindowcleaning.
Simply Sparkle reserves the right to cancel your window cleaning service without notice.

If on the day of your window cleaning simply sparkle turns up and your home is up for sale, unless we have heard otherwise, your window cleaning services will be cancelled, and any/all balances will need to be paid.