One Off Services

to operate one off cleaning service of all our services windows gutter fascia’s, once a quote has been requested, we will forward on a quotation describing the works to be carry out the price and required deposit to be paid, no one off cleaning service can booked in for the agreed date until a deposit has been paid. We cannot hold the space open.

Window Cleaning.

We will provide a one off or regular window cleaning service to you the customer at an agreed frequency for agreed upon price this will put in writing and emailed to you. our service will include windows, window frames, and doors excluding poorly maintain wooden frames,

Fascia & Soffit Cleaning

All upvc soffit and fascia cleaning is done with out the use of a ladder and done via our hot water system and other various equipment, please note this is not a whitening service.

Gutter Clearing

Our Gutter clearing services is done from the ground using our gutter vac and camera system. In the rare instance that our gutter vac is unable to remove a stubborn bit of debris we will then use a ladder to access the effected area to remove the debris. We do not repair Gutters.


Simply sparkle window cleaning cannot be held responsible for any damages and is not limited to badly maintained doors, windows, window frames, window trims, poorly fitted windows and doors, windows and doors with bad or no seals, poorly maintain wooden windows, our brush system is unable to crack or scratch double glazed windows, it is a soft bristle brush head, you can even try the our brush system yourself this will allow you to see for yourself it is impossible to crack or scratch your double glazed window however if your window has any stress or pressure cracks already in the window weather it is noticeable or not the brush system could aggravate the existing crack, we take every effort to check for cracks in glass but in some instances some crack can go undetected. Simply sparkle cannot be held responsible if a small crack is aggravated by the brush system It is the customers to responsibility to informed us of any cracks they may notice. Gutters and facias as every care is taken when cleaning and clearing out gutters and fascia’s we can be held responsible for loosely fitted parts we are not gutter fascia repairing company.
If you believe we have caused damage to your property, please call the office immediately and report it (01332 725388).
3 most common know causes damages to glass.  Pressure Cracks   Stress Cracks  Impact Breaks


We clean in most weather types; however, the weather can cause a slight reduction in our services.

Payment Terms

All Payments are due within 21 days of the clean taking place, prompt payment will help us to be able to continue to provide a cleaning service. If there are any problems making payment within the allotted time, please get in contact.

Payment methods

Online via our secure website payment powered by world Pay.
Sign up for Gocardless the direct debit with a difference go cardless allows for a vary amount to be taken, so if we only clean the fronts that’s all you get charged for, and if no work has been done then no payment is made, payment will only be taken once the clean has taken place.
Phone payment – we can take payments over the phone with debit or credit card.
Contactless payments – we have a portable card machine
Cash – if you prefer to pay cash that is no problem you can pay cash on the day, please do not send cash in the post.
PayPal – please the link
Bank transfer – bank details are on our slips f you wish to payment bank to bank please make sure you put the invoice ref number or address on all payments.


We operate a maximum of 3 cleans with out payment, we understand people do live busy lives and some times payments can get mislaid or forgotten about, how ever we do have bills of our own to pay for as well, and if we don’t get paid our bills don’t get paid. We will make effort to contact the customer to make payment. Failing that we are unable to get in touch or obtain the payment for works done, the debt then goes to the small claims court cost of recovery will be added to the outstanding payment, debt recovery fees of £40 for debts under £500. And £70,00 for debts between £500 and £1500.

Shut Down Periods

As we are small family business, we have fixed holidays for the year in which we shut down our services for that period, all shut down dates are printed on all our invoices and payment slips. Any cleaning due during our shut down periods will be rearranged. Weekly/fortnightly work will be moved to the next clean, monthly/bi-monthly/quarterly work will be move by 1 month, this is the fairest way to operate to ensure we can maintain a regular work schedule.

Guarantee Policy

All work undertake by Simply Sparkle is guaranteed, if you are unhappy with the quality with our work please Contact the office within 24hrs of the clean taking place. Any complaint after this time will not be cover by our guarantee policy.

Cancellations (regular cleans)

If you no longer require our cleaning services, please contact us via phone 01332 725388 or email us on We do not tie our customers into to any fixed period you may cancel at any point.

Cancellations (One Off Cleans)

If you have booked one of our one off cleaning services and wish to cancel prior to the clean taking place it must be done 48hrs before the clean takes place for a full refund any cleans
Cancelled inside the 48hr window of clean taking place will lose their deposit. in the event we are unable to make you clean due to sickness or unforeseen circumstances, you will be able to get your deposit
Refunded or rearrange for the works to be at another time.

Cancellation of Service to the Customer

Simply Sparkle Window Cleaning reserves the right to cancel you window cleaning with out notice. Under the following.

Consistently late paying
No longer clean in the street this could be due to customers moving out and no new customers in the street and can longer make it cost effective.
We may need to reduce our workload (in this event we would inform you of the change)

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